Beyond "I am That"

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Self-Realization is that stage of life in which you realize that your Consciousness is beyond the world of form, it is immersed in Formless Being, the Absolute. This is the first phase of Realization.

There is a more mature swing within that initial tendency toward the Unmanifest that pushes toward the outer reality, what we call the external world. The immature phase of Self Realization insists that “I Am That” and that’s the end of the story. It does not contain the knowledge that “Thou Are That” and “Everything Is That,” those two latter movements belong to a more mature phase of Self-Realization.

So the initial phase is exclusive, it’s exclusively subjective. It’s merely a statement about the subjective terrain or depth of my own Consciousness whereas this latter movement is more on a horizontal plane which begins to embrace the outer forms and states of being that exist within the world. Included within those states of being is also your dream state, your sleep state and your waking state. Those too become embraced in this more advanced form of Self-Realization.