Be Who You Are

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We don't know how to approach something without motive. We don't know how to do that because we’re trained to always be seeking for result, always be seeking for something that’s quantifiable, something discernible, something you can put your finger on -- you know, meat and potatoes, meat and potatoes view of life.

But this is alfalfa sprouts and honey. It's very ethereal. It's different.

They talk about aliens. If you’ve wanted to become an alien, this is the place, truly, because an alien is someone who functions outside of the marketplace consciousness.

When you walk around with this miraculous sense of innocence that's just radiating out of your Heart you’ll realize that you're so alone; that so few human beings come into That, that it's as if you are a freak.

I mean, you see the world, right? You live the same world I do. You see where the world is headed, where it has really always been headed, which is what we are experiencing today, all the fruit of un-innocent being-ness, all culminating.

But, it is possible to really transform your being totally, irrevocably. But it won’t fit into your ideational system. It's going to be very different. And you will be different.

So, if you've you ever been afraid of being different and that's been one of you demons, that's another thing you’ll confront here: how incredibly different you are.

When your mind is just left empty, without too many thoughts, you can feel this. You can just connect with it. It's not a problem.