Being is Sacred

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Moderator: From a viewer in Arcata, California, “David you are beyond amazing. ‘Thank you’ seems so hollow, but THANK YOU (in large letters).

David: If you are filled with this and you say “thank you” but that hollowness is there then that ‘thank you’ reverberates in the emptiness and it’s a beautiful thank you. If it was just a conceptual ‘thank you’ it wouldn’t have that kind of graciousness. So hollow here can have a positive connotation. It can be really beautiful in communicating the divine appreciation and the devotion and the love that comes about as a result of recognizing how special our relationship is — a very, very special and precious and sanctified and holy, this time is. It’s holy not because I am holy but because Being is sacred, the Being of your identity which is the same as my Being. That is sacred, sanctified, pure, and Absolute.