Awareness is Non-Dual

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Moderator: The viewer from Hawaii says, “In regard to my earlier question, you emphasized the importance of awareness. That is exactly what seemed to define those moments of contraction, sort of hard to describe.”

David: So the lesson is that you can’t become aware of Awareness. That’s the subtlety of this topic. That’s where you go is toward the realization that, “How can awareness possibly be aware of itself?” So there can be no duality in this. That’s what’s meant by no duality. Not that nothing appears or that you don’t see the world or that you are in a state where the world hasn’t arisen. If your eyes are open and you are talking to someone and you are perceiving things around you, you are in the world whether you admit it or not. You are subject to the effects of this world. Now Awareness, that’s something that’s very subtle and can only be known from meditation.