Awakened Heart Consciousness

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And it's very important to understand the word spontaneous, to understand, to know, to feel what goes on here, when we're together. It's all about consciousness. It's about awakening into, feeling into, breathing into, consciousness and radiating that. That's actually one movement I described. It's not a series of events. Knowing, feeling, thinking, emoting, consciousness, those are not discrete happenings that happen one separate from the other. They're actually one integrated movement.

It sounds simple. It sounds almost too simple, but it's actually even much simpler than that. That's what we're doing. We're delving into simplicity, not into sophistication, not into complicated thought processes. We're going into the very foundations of knowing. How do we do this? With our heart, intuitively, spontaneously. The heart will find its way into this feeling. The heart is not a static condition. When I use the word Heart, it's the Awakened Heart or the Awakened Heart Consciousness. They're Absolute. It's an absolute realization we're talking about. It's not some conceptual reality that I thought up and then want to share with you. Do you follow? It's not something that I'm taking from the past. Something that's stagnant, fixed, limited, conceived and then offering it to you to be grasped in that way. It's something that is actually awoken into in this moment.