All Satisfaction Dwells Within

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I'm struggling to invent a topic. I have to imagine some problem and then I can address it. You might sense that the Bliss itself is so satisfying to the mind that no question can arise. It's almost as if you have been given everything you could want, so why should the mind stir?

All satisfaction dwells within Consciousness, so in order for you to adapt to a life of desire in the right way, you first have to know who you are, you have to know what Consciousness is. Otherwise desire will seem to be antagonistic to who you are and you'll always be fighting with desire. You'll have this idea that Consciousness is one thing and desire is another, whereas desire is only the play of Consciousness. That's all it has ever been and that's all it will ever be. By the play of Consciousness I mean a natural perturbation, a natural friction or disturbance that means you're living, you're alive. The sign of desire is that you are alive, that you're an intelligent being.

Now I know what all the religious texts have said about desire. I've read them all, all the ones you've read and I'm bringing this to you from a perspective that is immediate and realized; whereas, when you read something on your own in a book, you're dealing with your own mind, which you know has not brought you to the place of recognition. So here I'm asking you to listen in a way where you abandon your own strategy to understand.

Now, don't think about what I'm saying and try to do it, please! To whatever degree you are capable, just come into this process with me.


I havent watched many of your vids but after this one Im 100% positive you are enlightened. This video is so true! Buddha said samsara is dukkha which means dissatisfaction. Nirvana means extinction and its referring to dissatisfaction. Instead of calling it nirvana I simply call it boundless satisfaction.

By Yogi --

"i dream therefore i am not"