All-Pervading Compassion

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David: How is everyone, ok? Good?

Participant: Good.

David: Everyone had a good supper? Did you all eat? No, some people didn’t eat?

Do you feel Compassion here? That actually Compassion is functioning? Not my compassion, just Compassion. I’m not compassionate at all, actually. But I feel this all-pervading sense of love and help, help being available, which I would define as Compassion; something that’s actually in That field, the interpersonal place, not in me. Can you feel this all-pervading movement of Compassion? I’m wondering if you are actually sitting in with a view like I’m having right now. Yes?

Participant: mhmm…

David: It’s like a bridge that’s being offered?

Participant: mhmm…

David: A place to connect? Like a door to open if you want to leave where you are and maybe venture into a different kind of space. That option is actually offered to you if you’ll offer yourself into this moment.

You just listen that’s all. You see It’ll get in. You’ll feel brilliantly alive at some moment. It’s so incredible. You just connect it with your own aliveness with your own innate brilliance. It’s so perfect, so beautiful. No one can tell you how to do that. It’s an innate reaction to that Compassion. You start to smell that Compassion. It’s like a fragrance and you get high off it. You start to feel really good, really expanded, joyful. Your heart opens right up in like a millisecond and you’re saved. You’re saved from yourself which otherwise would go on self-meditating [laughs] with nothing to break that up.

Good, everybody’s thawing out now. We are all thawing out together [laughter]. It’s like what happens at cocktail parties over three or four hours [laughter], happens in about fifteen minutes here. No one has taken one drink or should I qualify that statement? What are you drinking? You’re drinking something here.

Don’t worry, it’s not over. That’s not everything. Hold on. We’re just going to ride this out [laughter]. Just keep coming with me. Just stay by my side. Don’t move. Don’t wander off now. We found the path. We found the way. Ok good, now there’s still something to enjoy. Don’t get lost in your head. Just stay in this samadhi now.


Oh my God, this is incredible!

By Vivian Andrews --