Linear Consciousness vs. Spontaneous Functioning; Shakti And Human Health; Evolving In The Bliss Current; Flowering Of The Ultimate; Ingesting Spiritual Realization; Reality Cannot Be Objectified

This is a downloadable MP4 video file containing one or more talks by David Spero.

** Linear Consciousness vs. Spontaneous Functioning, November, 24, 2018, Sedona, AZ; Shakti And Human Health, April 1, 2020, Sedona, AZ; Evolving In The Bliss Current, May 20, 2020, Sedona, AZ; Flowering Of The Ultimate, June 17, 2020, Sedona, AZ; Ingesting Spiritual Realization, July 8, 2020, Sedona, AZ; Reality Cannot Be Objectified, July 25, 2020, Sedona, AZ .**

This downloadable video file is also available for purchase as a DVD.