Thank you to the Friends this website for sharing their favorite David Spero quotes.

  • Truth is not the property of anyone.
  • You perfect a kind of homogenization of your experience and your understanding by naturally giving yourself into it.
  • Take a breath. Relax right into where you are. Let yourself be easy.
  • My Spiritual Transmission is a simultaneity, an absolute happening.
  • It’s cool – there’s no higher God than you.
  • If you want your humanness to live inside your Realization, then your heart has to become open and broken like that, completely, both in happiness and in sorrow.
  • Everything is excited about the possibility of the revelation of truth in this moment.
  • Arrive nowhere and soon you will be everywhere.
  • The conditioned cannot impede or obstruct the Unconditioned.
  • 'What is' contains both liberation and bondage. It holds them both.