Energetic Realization

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Moderator: A viewer says “was there something that you wanted to say about the energetic dimension a few moments ago?”

David: Yes, I said it, that there is an energetic frequency that accompanies high Realization, deep spiritual Realization. It’s not something you can perform on your own, it’s something that is given to you or bestowed upon you by someone who is living in that Energy or by your own spontaneous waking up into that higher frequency.

As you know there are many frequencies of energy on the Earth, certain frequencies give rise to water and the movement of water. Other frequencies give rise to a solid mass of stone, others will produce fire. Those are different frequencies of energy.

So too there are even subtler states of energy. Energy can get very profound the more subtler you go. When you go beyond the subtle the energy is Absolute, it’s, it dissolves and becomes something that we call Awareness or Light or the Absolute. And that’s something that is in everything, it’s everywhere, it’s a Unity Consciousness. And the whole key is to see everything, to understand all the different parts, know what they are.