Recognition of Consciousness

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Moderator: A Southern California viewer comments “there was energy and then everything became still and there was deep silence and peace. I didn’t feel like coming out of it.”

Moderator: A Hawaiian viewer says “I have experienced akin to pulling a rogue thread in a hem and all of the stitches gracefully and quickly are set free, the stitches being blockages in a body and mind. It’s fun and I’m grateful.

David: Ultimately these realizations come to you on your own terms; they have to make sense to you. You can’t lift the definition out of a book, even it’s a good book, even if comes out of an illumined tradition. If you lift a piece of knowledge from Ramana Maharshi or Nisargadatta, or one of the many other great teachers there are, many of whom are not even in that lineage, you can still be superimposing something on your experience and therefore not using it correctly. So the recognition of what Consciousness is, is on your own terms. When I say for example that Enlightenment must be to your satisfaction, that’s what I mean. I don’t mean that you get an ongoing sense of satisfaction from being Enlightened, as some people have come to criticize me, miscriticized me for saying that.