Bliss: The Sign of Release

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Guest: I have a comment.

David: Speak up so that people can hear you.

Guest: I don’t find that there are words to it, it just seems easier.

David: Just easier…

Guest: Easier to be…

David: Easier to be… that’s important than just easier, that says a little more. So, when you take the time to tailor your language just a little bit more, you trim it like that, it all of a sudden means something very different. I’m glad you did that. Something would have been lost had you not done that, easier as opposed to easier to be. That really reoriented the direction of my listening to understand what was going on in you.

I can often tell from the expression on someone’s face that they are filled with that Consciousness. Something happens to the facial muscles, to the structure of the mouth, the eyes, the way the eyes sit in the skull.

There is something very subtle that happens when the Light begins to penetrate the body-mind. It totally releases the body-mind of the contraction of identification, of its own self identification and it begins to exhibit the signs of release which is Bliss.

Bliss is the sign of utter and total release. Bliss is an all encompassing mass of silence that is itself innately full of happiness, not emotional happiness but the body-mind registers it as happiness, as infinite, illimitable happiness, intoxicating happiness, joy beyond all form and yet all form is embedded as that joy, in that joy.