I Have Seen a Radiance...

My last blog set off quite a thread that went into a direction that was much more intellectual and complicated than I anticipated. The heady style obviously isn't everyone's cup of tea; therefore I'd like to say something more inclusive from the heart.

"It's [Enlightenment's] nature is to dissolve everything... even the knower of It.
-David Spero

I have seen a Radiance on the faces of those who have sat with David. I see change and full beauty on these faces. It is hard to describe, and I have been sitting in this feeling for days, feeling the potentiality of what I have seen and felt.

I am groping for words here, and they will fail, because it can only be alluded to. It is like seeing someone resurrected, from both within and without, and full flushed in the entire body and spirit. The fullest potential of Beingness is demonstrated as it is, in a collective Darshan of what?... I can't say, even if I'm stubbornly trying!

I've seen this on David's face, and on the faces of other Masters, such as Anandamayi Ma, Ramana Maharshi, Nityananda, or those Buddha statues sitting in such a knowing contentment. A full coming into Being has taken place. This should be essentially noticed, in the bones. I could go on and windbag with adjectives, like Consciousness, Bliss, etcetera but, these are words only.
And even though IT is free, and not acquired, it is simultaneously a Gracing, or Benediction given by David. Not David as an individual, but David as Lord Consciousness, the Mother,or God-- whatever! It reaches deep into Consciousness, igniting a cool flame that burns, and burns and impurities explode away, evoking Radiant Being. Nothing suffices to describe this, it is pure life itself, unadulterated. I have failed miserably here to get at it, because It is getting at us, and there is nothing else to say. It can only be recognized.

No mystery, no nothing. The only option, it seems to me, is to walk through the gate into silence and disappear into fullness.


Thank you for sharing this, sweet Michael.
May the Heart consume it all.
May the Radiant Being of Love finnally expose its full glorious Light in the lives of everyOne.

By Cristiana

Thank you for your kind words, and I enjoyed your posts, also. It is wonderful to see David's grace operating in your life!

May Divine Radiant Grace permeate your Consciousness forever.



By michael ortega

Thank you for sharing your experience of this beautiful odyssey that we are on.

By Abha --