The Mysterious Ground of Being

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Moderator: From Israel, "This gathering is magical. I'm floating in the Unknown."

David: Wonderful. These types of experiences reflect the highest form of human enjoyment. This is an enjoyment which supersedes the subject-object relation-based world where everything is so gross and coarse; everything is so delineated and expressed. Here, everything remains un-delineated, unexpressed, and therefore, profoundly fluidic.

What goes between us, what comes and goes, what washes and sprays, is something that has no measurement in it. And the only proper response to that is: abidance and enjoyment and non-attachment. No attachment to anything that comes up. At the same time, allowing for the enjoyment and appreciation of it. Making no demand that it stay, making no demand that it increase, making no demand that it appear again.

All of this is arising out of that fundamentally mysterious ground of Being, which can never become an object. And so with all of this knowledge, equipped with all of this wonderful knowledge, these sutras of enlightenment, of awakening, we can then travel this path without even traveling it. We can do so in an innocent way where no complications are created and yet the Bliss is immense.