A Feast of Divine Revelation

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David: We've entered a very high level of ascension, of Spiritual Magnification. We're in a very different frequency now than when we began; only because, through our mutual attentions, we've summoned It, we've asked It to appear. And so there is a corresponding opening in awareness to That Reality. It not only appears, but you are what It is revealed to - you are what It is revealed as - you are what It is revealed in. So this Reality is on the inside and the outside. It can't be missed.

Moderator: The viewer comments, "I can feel that."

David: Indeed. I wouldn't say it unless it was all-pervasively evident.

Moderator: A San Diego viewer comments, "I feel so good, such intense palpable Love-Joy; I've never experienced so clearly and well defined."

David: Exactly. And no matter how many times this appears, It's never quite exactly as It is in Its perfection as It is in the most recent dawning. It's never as great as It is - than It is now. No matter how many times you have opened or fathomed this Reality, It's eternally new. It has no residue that accumulates around Its own appearing. Even though It is eternally awake, It still reappears with great ferocity so that we can be satisfied again and again at this banquet or feast of Divine-Being-Revelation.