Blossom from Within

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We're going to do everything tonight. We're going to do it very slowly and we're going to get the Prana-Shakti going to such an extreme that everything will become non-dual. It just goes at its own pace.

I'm not the author of this. I'm simply a mouthpiece. That's all.

I'm not more special than anybody in this room. I'm not "more special". But That has made Itself known to me and through me I hope that it becomes known to you.

I don't know exactly how that occurs. We call it Diksha. We call it Darshan. We call it the process of Yoga. We call it Kundalini-Shakti. We have many names for It, but the names are just labels. As you know, if you have entered into this process, it's label-less. It's just your life becoming accentuated and intensified from within. So you may not necessarily understand more, but you will become more. You will become It within.

You have to be both restless and very patient at the same time. You have to always be asking for more, but very happy with where you are. My way is just blossoming in your relaxation, not from your restlessness. That's why it's so important to just be where you are. Because then it comes up right through that and so you were who you were.... And in That you have something that is neither added to yourself or subtracted. It's just an illumination and you can deal with it, nicely.

We're just relaxing with each other like old friends, just coming and being together. But we do it with a very special kind of Energy that's present. We want to really get that going, get it nice and deep and thick, so that our attention becomes radicalized. We inhabit a radicalization of consciousness. So we start off humble, but then it gets like Mt. Everest before you know what's happened.


David, your speaking is like a million lotus blossoms falling on my heart. Thank you!!!