The Absolute Gives the Teaching

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I rely on the Absolute to give the teaching. That David is up here, he can entertain, he can speak, but I'm just keeping you amused. I'm just keeping you occupied in your attention while the Other comes in, descending from above or arising from below, to give It's teaching to you.

You'll find that there are many layers or levels of transmission, initiation, communication, liberation in a room like this. Because I'm not teaching a path, I'm not teaching people a path to the Divine. There are paths, I'm delighted that they are available, but that's not what my role is.

I'm here to honor everyone in whatever way is possible. Whether it's through Silence, Energy, emotional upliftment, whatever I can do... the realization, I believe, that is in back of all this is willing and ready to give all that.

So I'm not teaching Jnana Yoga, I'm not even teaching Kundalini Yoga, I'm not teaching Bhakti Yoga, I'm not teaching Raja Yoga, I'm not teaching any particular form. And I'm not teaching that there is just no form, I'm not focusing merely on the formless.

So I'm going to keep on stirring this pot until you get it all.