The Esoteric Relationship

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Moderator: A viewer comments, "I felt as if you were speaking to me during the meditation -- in my Consciousness.

David: Yes, you should look for an esoteric or invisible aspect to our relationship, one that is not demonstrated empirically. In other words, there are two aspects to my Teaching: one aspect is me talking to you as though you exist, as though you are separate, as though you have real questions which need real answers that I'm going to to try to supply; the other aspect is an intensely unified connection in Consciousness. And so when you begin to become aware in meditation, you'll become aware that I'm am working with you in Consciousness in that dimension, that esoteric or interior dimension of Consciousness.

Moderator: A viewer comments, "I actually feel as if everything you are saying now was palpably and lovingly communicated during the meditation -- so the esoteric is communication on the subtle".

David: That's right, and essentially, that's correct. This person makes a very profound point in that the Teaching is the same whether it's communicated inwardly, in Consciousness, or though my form, though my spoken voice, my gestures, my facial expressions, etc. The same Self is present in both dimensions. So that's a way to grasp, even intellectually, the kind of unity that we speak about when we talk about the Awakened State or Enlightenment.


David, there is something I do not understand about this. If i speak with you internally, do you as a separate individual know what I am saying to you or asking you? In other words, when we speak to each other face to face, you could talk to me about the matter sometime later. You have a memory and knowledge about our conversation. But internal communication, could you as an individual "know" my question or internal dialogue with you? Is there some link between the subtle and the gross where this is possible? In other words, how would you have to work with me at all "in conscousness" where we are unified? Is there also a subtle duality, a me and you there? Thank you, Vivian

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