Release is in the Offering

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Moderator:A viewer in San Francisco comments: "The identification with body is still strong in me".

David: That's because you're not paying attentio! Or you've got an idea you've clung to so stubbornly that you're not going to let me dismantle it for you.

Do you know how to offer something? You know when you give someone a piece of candy or a slice of gum? You hand it to them. When you hand it, you release it. When you offer something you release it, in the offering.

Will you do that now -- instead of just describing: "I have this in my hand and I can't let it go"?

Find this posture. Find this generosity in your self to offer.

I'm offering to you right now. I'm holding nothing for myself.

I have everything. I have nothing to give -- and everything -- and I'm still offering.