Focus on What You Love, Not What You Fear

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Moderator: A southern California viewer says, "The vasanas is like the software we come with. Is there a way to destroy this or [do] we have to go though the experiences in life and exhaust them?"

David: You can focus on a place where Reality is conjured, where Being unfolds, or is revealed. And if you do that you don't need to kill anything. You don't need to deal with the vasanas on their own level. You just get behind them. You get to the source that is prior to vasanas. Vasanas, for those who don't know that term, signify tendencies, within a human being, that drives them into action, that drives them into the world to perform action. Vasanas, like the ego, are not bad. They’re neither good nor bad.

Stay away from the good/evil trip, because that will bury you. It will bury you in an insignificant and imaginary concern. The point is to focus on what you love, not what you fear. By focusing on what you love, Reality will become palpable. It will become evident. By focusing on what you fear and what you wish to wipe our or avoid or conquer, you're simply giving more power to that element or those elements.

So understand that all Bliss is inside you and It does not need to be cultivated by any kind of strategy or deliberate effort. So, relax with me, don't worry about a strategy - what to do with vasanas, what to do with your ego. You'll see that we will deal with those things effectively, if you offer yourself into this moment. Rather than struggle with your own spiritual practices, on your own, it's good for you to come here, be released into this Atmosphere and see where you are taken. You might be given a shortcut to where you want to go.