The Deeper You Go, the More Subtle it Becomes

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The deeper you go into Enlightenment, into Awakening, the more subtle It becomes.

Yes, It can also become fiery. It can become more fiery and activated. But the Core Awareness that is going though all of the experiences of Enlightenment, That is a subtle phenomenon.

What you know yourself to be all the time, that's something in the subtle mind. And that's where the primary core of change happens, in that area deep within the Psyche, deep within the Mind.

Even though we toy with the mental-verbal, we’re careful to distinguish between what’s really important and what is absolutely important. The understanding is important. But the direct communion with Reality, with Consciousness, that is the quintessential aspect of Awakening.

You can only turn back on your own experience to know what’s going on. You cannot compare yourself with others. Someone who comes here, sitting next to you, might need something quite different than what you need. So you can't always exchange this kind of information. It has to be heartfelt, understood directly and internally, from Me to you, or from You to you, just within your Consciousness, however you choose to describe it.