Fairfield Intensive

And wasn't I shocked when I saw David's picture in our local paper, that he was coming to Fairfield for an intensive. I first met David on Buddha at the Gas Point where Rick Archer does interviews. That was about 6 years ago and I had never met David in person until this past Thurs. public meeting. After watching 6 years of videos and webcasts I have to say his darshan in person is ten times more powerful.

Thank you so much for coming here, David. And I hope we all convinced you to come back. Thanks for the kaleidoscope of experience and non-experience, the bliss love joy, the deep transcendence, the intense shakti that burned and cleared out all the junk from an intense period of my life where I was over doing it and you came at just the right time to help in my recuperation. Somehow I lost that connection with nature that I use to have in my walks and now it's back again. You have renewed me. Your presence here "stuck" as you say. I went to a sitar concert Sunday night after the last meeting and found I was on auto pilot on my way there, during and coming home from the concert. I became the music, the vibration, and my body swayed and vibrated as it. Can't explain that, but there it was.

I marveled at the effect you were having on my friends that came. Thank you again. They needed this.

In loving gratitude,