I am new to David Spero's meditation retreats. However, I have spent about 1 year
meditating with him on line on Wednesday evenings and have reviewed many of his
video clips on his website.

First of all, David transmits Shakti or the Divine Current. On my first meditation of the
day (During the retreat), the Shakti was so strong I didn't think I could maintain it, as the
intensity felt explosive. Then the physical body dissolved, thoughts dissolved, and I
was plunged into the Abyss for about 2 hours. As I came out of the Abyss, I basked in
a pool of nectar for another 1/2 hour or so until finally I settled into a blissful like state
of joyous peace. Afterwards I felt as if I had gone through a huge metamorphysis.
Every cell of my body was tingling with new aliveness.

The second meditation of the day was almost identical to the first. I found David's teachings
after the meditations to be pure, honest, and direct. He took many questions from participants
with warmth and love.

My own personal path has been quite eclectic. I started with TM when I was quite young
and studied with a variety of teachers throughout the years. I immersed myself in
Eastern Philosophy, Mysticism, Shamanism, and the Kaballah. I studied with Healers
and Shaman throughout the world. I dabbled in Plant Medicine and Ayahuaska to open
portals to other dimensions. After meditating with David for a year, I have not been drawn to
participate in Ayahuaska ceremonies or to consume animal products. I no longer crave protein
from animal sources.

I have never really understood 'devotion and love' to a teacher until now. When a teacher
brings you to a place that you have never been, and fills you with such bliss, love, and joy,
from that deep place in your heart and soul emerges love and devotion. I have eternal
gratitude and love for David Spero.

Much love and gratitude to you both,