Life Itself

June 18, My comments after the morning webcast:

What a precious and liberating teaching. My body, mind, and heart were conceptually and physically reveling in it. Unspeakably delicious.

Just yesterday I was starting to think that David's teaching may simply be about restoring the body-mind to its natural (i.e. divine) functioning. I was also thinking a lot about how gods are just concepts. This morning, David explained that it is life itself that is divine, not any particular deity or spiritual path. He repeated the phrase "life itself" multiple times. Because of my devotional attitude at the time, I felt like David was explaining everything mainly for me.

This feeling of connection brought on a physical response in or near my heart, a cool liquid sensation which was almost unbelievable in intensity.

I feel like David gave an elegant and concise tour of the universe, nature, as well as human realization/ignorance, and civilization - all within about half an hour. I also feel like I may be misrepresenting his teaching a little bit, simply because I'm using language. Or maybe it's because I'm a little drunk on that "life itself" which David communicates so freely.


Does it get any better then that? Amazing.

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