You're Never Going to Get It!

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Participant: You know when you said I was dense.


Well, it hurt, it hurts, it hit this place in me

David: There was no hurt in it.

Participant: where I, well I'm not saying where you're coming from...

David: Yes

Participant: I'm saying where it hurt, where it touched me was this place that really feels like that I'm not going to "get" it.

David: You're not! You're not going to get it.

Participant: And I can't get it

David: You can't get it either.

Participant: And I'm not worthy of it.

David: And you're not worthy of it. Yes, yes, and yes. Multiple choice. Which ones are true? All of the above.

Participant: But then their is an attachment to that. That there is like a shrinking of the consciousness in to that.

David: Watch all that, watch all that. It's all you. It's all worthy of your entire attention. Don't disassociate and say, "that's the manure part of me that doing what it always does, it's sabotaging my happiness, it's not letting me accept my realization". You can't look at it that way. You can, and that's why I just said to you 30 seconds ago, "You can get it and you won't get it, and you're not worthy to get it, and you never going to get it even before you die". You've got to come to that level of despair, you've got to see what that is all about.

You're mind is going to be sent to every extreme place of it's own manufacture in the process of this evolution. It's going to go the places where you never wanted it to go. All the inherent psychopathic tendencies that you've had as an individual, that I have as an individual, that all these people have, all of that is going to get stimulated in the process of awakening.

So even the, like you as the worst enemy will come right into your face like, "It's me and I'm just inherently corrupt".

Participant: Well, I get that a lot when I sit with you.


Participant: No, over the years, that you know I get the glimpse, I get the other too.

David: I know! You think I don't know this?


David: Do you think you need to tell me that?

Participant: I don't know. I don't talk about it that much.

David: Do you ever sense one shrinkage in love from me to you? Do you ever sense one shrinkage in love from me to you? Even if I call you dense and no good and rotten and corrupt, unworthy, never worthy of attainment? Won't attain before you die?

Participant: Stop it, stop it. [laughter]

David: I'm trying to make this go right to the end [laughter].

You've been like this for one million lifetimes you got one million more coming. And your complaining within this five minute span you've got maybe two more million of these births coming. It's awful, it's worse then you think.


Buddha was walking on the Ganges once and one of his devotees, you know, in a very curious kind of way said, "How much karma do I have, Lord Buddha?" He looked and said, "Do you see these grains of sand?", and he pointed and they were stretching for miles. And he said, "Do you know how many grains of sand are on this beach?". He said, "That's how many lifetimes of karmic birth you have coming. Don't ask me."

If you look at that, that's there. I'm inviting you to look at something else in total contradiction to describing just this wall today as though you were looking at this wall all day and not David. You can look at the wall. It's your freedom.