Understanding The Mind

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The Silence of Enlightenment drags all speech down into oblivion. It removes the motive to speak (that part of the human being that wishes to exteriorize experience). In that way, Enlightenment swallows human individuality.

There is an enormous amount of literature written about enlightenment and awakening, Self-realization and devotion, cosmic consciousness and "the master" - the spiritual master - and it's good to read those materials, because they make the intellect familiar with the mental part of Realization. The mind needs to acquire a clear and concise picture of what Awakening is, before it can dive into It, before it can accept awakening, or, you can say, before Awakening accepts that human mind.

It's not that the understanding of enlightenment produces Awakening. It's just that every aspect of the human being must fit into the Awakened Consciousness - and for the mind to fit into It, it needs to have its understanding meet its experience.

Then, it can let go of the search for that which it had imagined or pictured in its mind. You could say, even better, the picture fuses with the Perfection of Awakening. It is drawn into that Magnificent Reality, the Silence and Transcendental Space (Transcendental Consciousness), where there is no duality.