This is the Essence of Liberation

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This is pure meditation. This is the essence of liberation. The bestower of Grace.

In a sense it doesn't matter what happens after this. There is no consequence that can either adjust or modify the beauty of what has already happened. It some sense you've already been changed forever.

That the correct way to view what's going on here. Not as simply an other experiential event in a long line of events, but something that shatters the notion of the continuity of events.

In other words, that which blasts out karma. That which eradicates karmic continuity which is bondage, suffering, illusion, delusion.

Recognize this as That, as nothing less then That. Not as just a pause in your endless suffering but as the beginning of a whole new way of being. Something that is not merely in time, that is both in and out of time. Creating time and then transcending it.