There is No Other

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Participant: Sometimes I find I'm susceptible to picking up the anxiety of other people and then carrying it around. I'm wondering how best to stay clear so I can be in a balanced state around someone who’s very anxious.

David: You have to get rid of other people. [Laughter]

You know what I mean. I mean, you have to do that internally, you have to just be very firm in where you’re standing and you'll find that there is no other. It's kind of challenging in the field of multiplicity….

Participant: Well I'm aware that there…. I mean, I feel quite aware that there's nobody else here but One.

David: Right, right.

Participant: And I'm also aware that....

David: When “others” arise that insecurity is going to arise with it. There is no way to separate all these things.

Participant: And what about....

David: If you’re looking for a pure way to everyone and everything, it's a dreamland. When you're in duality and you're in the field of relationship, it’s going to be hard knocks. It's not easy. It's never going to be easy. You’re going to be dealing with people's moods. They're going to be projecting things on you. They're going to be argumentative with you. Whatever you do isn't good enough. You're going to get irritated at them for being so critical. That's the nature of human relationships.

Just believe in the Oneness, and….

I don't mean to throw the word "belief" out like that, that’s not a good word, because everybody is believing everything these days. [Laughter]

Just go on, have confidence. You said the most profound thing, "I'm with you all the time." I can't see how there can be any problem after that.