Permeated by Divine Light

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The deeper you go into Consciousness, the more Bliss shines. There is no limit to the degree to which you can attune to the Light within. It's an infinite reservoir, a gigantic pool, even an ocean of Consciousness.

Just the way a plant is permeated by sap -- the root, the stem, the flowers, the leaves-- the human being is permeated by Divine Light, which is Pure Consciousness. That's the best and simplest image, with which to understand Enlightenment.

An enlightened human being is simply someone who knows this, not intellectually, but through the feeling of it, through actually delving deep enough into Awareness that Light is reveled, the Light of the Self.

And then, following that Realization, the subsequent immersion of every body part, every mental sheath, every emotional aspect, in that Consciousness. So that the body and mind are saturated with Infinite Bliss, Infinite Light. They are the same thing.

So when I talk about Bliss I'm talking about Light, a Light to be Realized -- not even prayed to -- just to be Realized directly.

And when you come upon the certainty that you are that Light, then the Process has occurred, it has fulfilled itself.