I Find You

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Moderator: Another viewer says, "[You say that] you found us, not us that found you. Can you explain?"

David: Yes. This is so big. This is everywhere. And when I speak in those terms, I'm trying to express that I side with that part of Awareness that is Everything and knows Everything, that That is my Me, That is my Identity. So it would be impossible for anyone to find Me, because I'm everywhere. Therefore, I find you. I realize it’s something of a grandiose and perhaps trans-rational statement, but so be it.

If my words fail to teach you adequately, my Energies will take over the project and teach you. You'll be taught though your Inner Experience. So even if there’s something lacking on the level of my verbal presentation, don't worry about it. It's not that important. Just pick up and resume on your Inner Experience. That's where it all matters and that's where your Truth will come through. It will come right through your Inner Self.