Evolving In The Life Current

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So only someone who is possessed of the Life Current, who the Life Current possesses, actually has the power and the motivation to go through the spiritual endeavor. It's actually Life that is carrying out that entire movement. It's not an individual that is in search of it; it's not an individual desiring process. It certainly utilizes the individual desiring mechanism, most certainly.

The hunger for Life will totally abduct a human being's desiring process and use it for the fulfillment of this spiritual voyage. It uses it to produce the energy to walk this path in time and space, which cannot be done without desire. Likewise, that desire will also take you to a place of no-desire and that peace is what communicates that progress is being made; that temporary transcendence into the Unknown is what creates the Wave of Evolutionary Power, so that one goes on and on until this whole thing miraculously takes place.