Ego and Insecurity

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Participant: A lot of times I just feel that what I received from you over a period of time is just with me all the time and then I'm aware of when ego insecurity comes up. It's kind of like....

David: Those are two different things. Ego and insecurity are different things.

Participant: Okay.

David: Make a distinction.

Participant: Would you make that distinction for me?

David: Yes, the ego is natural to come up, otherwise, how are you going to navigate back to your automobile and drive home? But insecurity is a whole different topic. You can be with the ego without being insecure. That's my distinction, okay.

Participant: Yeah, that's a good one. So, well, what I'm aware of is it's the insecure ego, or the part that can never receive enough validation to feel okay.

David: But the insecurity is not the ego.

Participant: Okay.

David: Nor is it the presence of the ego.

Participant: Isn't it a function of the um...

David: No, it's neurosis. There's nothing neurotic about being an individual. I don't want you to equate those things. That's what I'm saying.

Participant: Okay, okay, I can't get...

David: The reason I'm being so meticulous with you and so precise here, is because I want you to acquire the right understanding. Because no matter how much Bliss you get from me, if your mind goes on thinking in the same ways, trying to process this thing, you're just going to get caught again and again and again. So, at some point, I let myself become a bit more aggressive with someone like you, because you've been around me for so long and I know you trust me and also, I trust you that you can receive this kind of attention. Just believe in the Oneness.

And I don't mean to throw out the word "belief" like that; that's not a good word. Everyone is "believing" everything these days: rapture and no-mind....

Participant: Bring my awareness back to you.

David: Just go on, have confidence. You said the most profound thing: "I'm with you all the time." I can't see how there could be any problem after that.