Directionless Innocence

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Here you must be innocent. You can't insist that it happen in a certain way. It defies duality. It defies the approach of duality, which is to insist that there's some direction in Consciousness Itself. I know it's a challenge to say, "Sit in no direction," but it's a healthy challenge.

It's actually a joyful reaching-out-invitation to do something, which you definitely can do. It's like when you're learning how to swim and you don't want to go for the first time, because you don't know what that feeling is like when you lose all your gravity and, or most of your gravity, you start becoming light and buoyant, the water gets deep, now what?

So the mind faces a similar challenge in the Field of Consciousness. It knows how to wade in and then when it starts to become absorbed into a state that transcends it, it doesn't know quite what to do; it doesn't know how to adjust to that. But you can only adjust to it by doing it. You can only adjust and recognize what this feeling is like, by coming in; just dive in.