Attention is the Path

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Attention is the place where we meet: attention. We are all in the same Room of Attention. There's no other room. Even if you were sitting in this room here with me literally, physically, as a couple of people are, you still have to enter into the Room of Attention, the Interior Room of Consciousness. It's there that all of this will begin to make sense. And even though you are many miles from me, all over the planet, in fact, there's no real or significant division in Consciousness between us. We are on the same level of attention.

So notice this! That your attention is the gateway through which Consciousness can flow and awaken Itself; Consciousness can flow and enliven Itself through the doorway of your attention. That's the path: attention, awareness. Attention is embedded in awareness, but if it's not fully awakened to awareness, it becomes the corridor through which my enlivened awareness can stimulate your not-totally enlivened awareness, and create the essentially unifying effect of making us exist in Oneness, in Divine Consciousness.

Attention is sacred. Attention itself is imbedded in the Sacred Ground of Being. Attention has all and full connection with the Totality of Reality. So your attention is precious. Your mind is precious. Your body is precious; it houses attention. It's a form of attention. Your body -- the shape of it, the form of it -- arises in your perception only because of attention. Attention creates this whole world. So attention is senior to everything. Attention is rooted in Consciousness, Absolute-Consciousness.

Right now, we are finding our way back into the Interior. We're leaving the exterior. We are unconcerned with: interpretation, content, multiple distinctions, intellectual delving, the need for mental clarification. We're going to renounce all of that and enter into a Heart to Heart connection in Radiance. We're just going to do it.