Abiding With What Is

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If you look very closely at the Awakening Process in the very state of Awakening itself -- and by look I mean here to simply abide in, with caring, with caring-ness and listening-ness, to listen to the sound of the silence of that Inner Awakening -- if you look closely, you might begin to intuit that there is, in the natural state of sahaja samadhi, no longer any center of the human personality. There is no inner fulcrum that we call the center. The center has been removed, which means there is no place to reflect back onto, even as a so-called "Divine Center." This is the True Freedom, which can be called No-abidance, Non-abiding, or Ever-Abiding-ness with What Is. It is Consciousness resting in Itself, enjoying the Beauty of Its Own Fabric, the Depth of Its Own Inwardness. Having no center, the realization of That yields a particularly Inebriating Realization: that not only is there nothing to realize, but there’s nothing to hold on to, either on the inside or the outside.