I am glad that we pay for David's events!

Hi Folks,

I actually have yet to pay for an event, so perhaps this blog entry is premature. However, as I just read through some of the events offered, I noticed that some asked for financial assistance. I think this is Great that they are asking for money. It appears that it costs up to $100 for each internet event. We ought to be paying to cover this cost, as well as offering money to David and his community, to ensure that they are happy, healthy, and well taken care of. I feel compelled to write this tonight. I do not write it out of anger, I write it out of joy. I have found gold! I have only been to 2 of David's online satsangs, and already I feel a profound transformation of my consciousness. I am grateful! These are tough times, and I think it is only natural to give and to receive. There ought always be reciprocity in any relationship. We spend $10 (at least!) to go to a movie. Shouldn't we be paying just as much for this divine transmission we are receiving so generously from Above?

Again, I love you David and feel gratitude for you in my heart. And I thank your volunteers and community as well who help to make this experience a reality for all of us. I guess what I really wanted to say was, "You are giving so much, you deserve to receive so much!" And spiritually speaking, I am sure that you do. You are a well spring of bliss. You are the Self; the source of all life. I pray that you are always taken care of dear friend.

God bless you all...love and light supreme!

xoxo prem


Well said my friend, well said!

By TF (not verified)