Sahaja Samadhi, the Natural State

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The words sahaja samadhi sound anticlimactic next to phrases like Self-realization, God-realization, Unity-consciousness, Brahman-consciousness. It sounds anticlimactic because it simply means the natural state. Those other phrases sound more flashy, more interesting. Yet in sahaja samadhi all the other samadhis, including those of self-realization, various forms of god-realization, and all the samadhis congeal there, in that extremely innocent, unpresumptuous and spontaneous state of Being. It’s also a state of non-Being. It erases itself in the moment that it presents itself. It’s completely embedded in the Absolute and yet it exceeds mere realization of the Absolute. It exceeds that by coming to the surface of the skin and erasing the false boundary between the Absolute and the relative. And it also goes on, to display the natural functioning of the body and all of its individual aspects in that immensely invisible and natural state of abidance, of simply abiding as Being. The body itself begins to show itself, as abiding in Being.

The difference is like between a diver who goes under the water of the ocean and one who swims on the surface of the ocean. The diver disappears revealing only the vastness of the ocean. The individuality of that diver is no longer visible. So, you could say it’s like an impersonal realization when that diver goes underneath the water. But when he swims on top of the water his body displays a participatory relationship with the ocean. He is still immersed yet his bodily functions are being shown within the oceanic structure. He is in some paradoxical sense both in and out of the ocean, yet totally in it, from a factual point of view. Totally in it, not somewhere else, yet the body is visible alongside that oceanic consciousness. And that’s the same way in which sahaja samadhi allows the body to play and be itself naturally, without any pretentiousness whatsoever, without any movement toward holiness or saintliness. It’s the natural state, the natural human state. It’s the divinified human state, totally human, totally divine, and something unspeakable. You might say “Oh, I’ve read that in a book, totally human and totally divine.” No. It’ something that can only be tasted in experience, otherwise you could never understand it. Not even I understand it.