Instant Liberation

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When you speak directly out of your heart and out your experience then there is no mistake that it’s real. There is no doubt. Your own self will never lie to you. Your husband will lie, your wife will lie, your guru will lie, the religious books will lie, but your self will never tell that lie. It’s just not possible. It’s that direct communion that defines this kind of self-verifying absorption in the truth. Now when you understand how direct it is, then you gain instant liberation...instant, you don’t have to wait for it.

So, once you get to this place of love it really starts to become easy, much easier. Good practices can make it easy, but this love just opens the whole subject up in such a radical way, that it’s even more delightfully inebriating. Once the love center has opened and brought its open heartedness into the process, into the spiritual process, then it will begin to acquire that amrita, that nectar, that nectarous bliss. That is the eradication of suffering, it is the self, but even more, because it has devotion activated within it.