Living into your Spiritual Process

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The thought just occurred to me, where does the energy come from to live through this process of self-awakening? It does not come from discrete acts of human effort. It does not come from self-willed consciousness. You’ve got to begin to feel that genuine pulse that’s in you. It’s there. It’s not that far. And when you taste that energy or that consciousness, that silence, you start to get great confidence. You know you can do it. Even if you are at the very beginning of the path, even if the mind just comes open a little bit. When that happens, it’s really a whole new birth for you. It’s a whole new life. And so you begin to follow-up on that. You say “wait a minute, what was that remarkable thing that came over me, in that instant? It’s not characteristic of my life, but it has made a devastating mark on my personality, on my life.” And so you begin to follow-up with that kind of inquiry, that investigation that wants to go deeper into that. And that’s the life of sadhana, of living into your spiritual process. Until everything goes up into light.