Dissolving the World

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David: Yes.

Participant: How can you, how can one stay connected with that type of relationship?

David: Participant: How can what?

Participant: …one stay connected with that type of relationship? Because, you know, living day-to-day, or being pulled into work, or into you know, just daily life.

David: The world will pull you down, so you have to have me as an ally. You have to have a relationship with me in the spiritual sense. Do you remember the Bhagavad Gita? Arjuna had a relationship with Krishna right on the battle field so that he wouldn’t be dragged down into simply identifying with the war. Krishna is the God Consciousness, it’s the Godhead, and it’s your own self. Krishna says that again and again, that you are the Self, Arjuna.

So the degree to which you can begin understanding that, is the degree to which you can self-liberate, even in the midst of this clinging, clingy world that’s bent on destruction and negativity. Don’t worry about it. You need to come into deep understanding right while you are with me, like we are doing now, and sense the affluent energy that is present, the shakti, the current, vibration and also the other forms of spiritual transmission that are offered. You have to have a big heart for this venture. You can’t be afraid. You have to be really certain about what you want. There is no room for hesitation. Maybe at the beginning there is, but once you start to get a taste, then it’s too late. Once you know that happiness, it’s too late. You’ve got to take it to the end.

We defeat the world, that’s how we deal with it. It will be a very gory, extremely interesting battle. You’ll lose and arm one day and lose a foot the next day. You lose an eye but you come back and you apply yourself to your spiritual practice until you begin to watch the world fracture right before your eyes. You begin to see the interstices of light that permeate this dimension and then you go beyond the world. That’s how you win. You win by dissolving the world in your own spiritual radiance. You win by dissolving this apparition of a world in your own spiritual radiance.

It doesn’t mean that you never get upset again or you never feel sad. You may even lose hope. All of that can still go on. The mind is still present. You still have this human apparatus with all of its flaws built into it, all of the capacity for error, error in judgment, error in emotion, error in understanding. But you’ve been totally taken by something else, you can give a hell about that, the fact that you could conceivably make a mistake when talking to someone about something, you can make some error, use the wrong word. You have to become victorious in consciousness, and then you’ll find what the rest is about.