The Thread of your own Longing

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See how nice, everybody is nice good boys and girls now. You know how little kids become fascinated with a toy. That’s how I feel all of you are. The toy is you, your own being and you are all like this [looking at an invisible object his hand.] You’re all transfixed, you don’t even know it.

Don’t worry about Enlightenment. The final thing when it happens… you’re not going to be around anyway. It’s like wanting to experience your own death. You’re not going to be there, so just let it go. You won’t know when it happened or how it happened but you’ll be so happy, so relieved. You’ll just know this relief has taken over you. Something has taken over your mind that lives there now. It’s unbelievable. When you talk about It, it starts to sound really incredible. It’s pretty normal. But to someone who is not realized in It, it sounds like you hit the multimillion dollar lottery. It’s not what it is, but it sounds that way because the mind has no way to frame this in its value terms. The mind has no way to wrap around this infinite consciousness, so it gets confused. Either too elated over wondering what it thinks it is or too despondent over meditating on what has to be given up in order to get there. So just follow the thread of your own longing and you’ll just be mysteriously taken into that condition.