Opening to the Unified Field

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Participant: But as, over the last few months as my apprehension of Consciousness has deepened, I’m beginning to see what’s really going on, which is something quite different from what people tell us. What’s going on is that there is a place inside that one can put one’s attention on and it’s a very deep place of singularity, if you can use that term. And one can, and when one lives, when one learns to live from that place what happens is that, um, it's hard to explain it, but a hole is created in the fabric of the universe and …[cough] and… um

David: The fabric of attention.

Participant: Yeah

David: Same thing.

Participant: … and the unified field which underlies space and time is permitted to bleed through it and that is what really what transmission is all about. It's not about, it's not something one does, is something that one Is. One is this hole, this hole follows where ever it goes and um…

David: Certainly without that opening we can't speak even of receiving transmission in a context where there is a teacher such as myself who presents them as a paradoxical, unfortunately paradoxical, example or offering of that transmission. Because it's inherently contradictory to say it comes from this. That has no meaning. And yet, it's my program, this is all my invention that you're partaking of in this room, my cosmic surrealistic invention. It's very funny; it's a paradox, the paradox of knowing that there’s no teacher but coming out and pretending to teach, and maybe even actually doing so in spite of one's appearance and form.

So I want to start with this very beautiful description of opening up a hole, opening up that place in Mind that does away with this entire structural universe and senses something that is completely Unified, Singular, Whole, prior to attention. That must be opened up and that is essentially, you're correct, that is essentially a succinct description of what the spiritual process is in its most pristine and elegant form. It's that opening. Otherwise there’s no talk about anything making sense once your mind has been opened, once that essence has been accessed then that's it.

Yet, even after that initial opening one might still be even caught in the flypaper of the mind. There might be a transitory period where by that opening has been recognized, even clearly, and yet there is still not total discernment. And so in that transition phase my company can be very helpful. Only in that we kind of burn away the edges of whatever is left to burn away, if there’s some edge somewhere, some edge in attention we just sand it down until it's gone. How? Through the transmission power that enters the room from wherever. Whether you call it "Me" or whether you call it "That" is irrelevant because "Me" and "That" are one. I am That. Not that I [pointing to himself]… am… That… but, I am That. Therefore only That Is, only That Is.

That's why I made that little clip I put on the internet, "The Guru Is the Self". This is a difficult topic but, what it breaks down to in its paradoxicalness, is that the Guru is Consciousness totally if that Field has permeated from head to toe and everywhere in between. There's no real deviation, just by virtue of having a human body, from that Source Consciousness because there’s a human form present. Otherwise, by that definition, no human form could ever get Enlightened, ever, in the whole nexus of space and time, because you’d always have to be defining your body-mind as some point. But the body-mind as a definition is irrelevant. The body-mind, it is irrelevant here.

It’s more of a devotional standpoint to say that the teacher is the transmission power. It’s just a devotional love statement. It carries no more cognitive value or clarification then saying that the teacher is Consciousness and its Consciousness Itself that’s teaching. See, for the teacher, that distinction no longer forms a problem. Although I can appreciate how people get fooled into thinking someone has power, some individual. That's a fallacy; we have to cut that off completely. There is no individual and it doesn't go through any area. It’s spontaneously arising in all directions. And yet, I must confess to you that there is also the possibility for some to have a one-on-one relationship with me. That is there would be some kind of similar relationship to what happens in the mind of a meditator should they engage that path of transcending through their own mind. My form also can be transcended through.

This opens up all kinds of problems, I know that; ethical problems, epistemological problems, ah, ontological problems, problems in physics and physiology, all kinds of problems because the mind itself is never going to get this. But it’s fun to think about these things in an academic sense. We must admit its fun to read these books. But they won’t give Realization, as you know.