Two Faces of Being

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For one who knows the Self, Being has presenced. It has come into presencing or self-presencing and engages in self-revelation. Not revelation to another. Not to the experience of a someone but from within its own nature It begins to shine. That Self-Revelation describes the fundamental event of waking up. Consciousness sees itself. Consciousness sees itself in one act, not sees itself literally. You just can’t say it. That’s what happens. There’s something direct and immediate, pure, perfect, unpolluted by any intermediary or intermediate perception.

Being is presencing Itself when the Light of the Self comes into the mind and makes the mind aware that it is That. Being also ceases to engage in Self-Presencing simultaneously and leaves the mind… leaves the location of the mind, favoring its downward spiral movement toward Nothingness, where it disappears. So the reason why Being can’t be maintained as a permanent experience is because in the same moment that It presences, It also de-presences. It unravels itself down back into its origin of no-happening. Both presencing and the de-presencing, or under-presencing, is what determines whether Realization comes far enough into human attention where it can then be grasped, so to speak. Grasped without desire, without attachment. Just seeing. Again, in the seeing process, this will happen, not anywhere else.

The box of attention is so tiny you can only fit objects in it. You can’t fit the substratum of the cosmos in that box of the mind. All you can do is realize that the box of the mind is empty and in the seeing of that emptiness Realization may occur. Other than that, there is no journey to Truth.