A Giant is Loose upon the Earth

A Giant is Loose upon the Earth.

His glance shatters you.
Run, run!
His words set fire to you.
Run, run!

His touch annihilates you.
Run, run!

Run as fast as you can
into his dark cave.
See the scraps of others littering the floor.
Show him your soft underbelly,
Let him eat what he wants.

Run into his arms.
Let him shred all your defenses

Run into his heart.
Let him burn you in his fire of Bliss.

Run into his very Being
where you disappear completely.

Rejoice in your destruction!

Soon you will join his other victims
wandering dazed in Larkspur, faces frozen in half smiles,
unable to squeeze back into themselves.


Wow you are on a roll...so enjoy your poetry!!! Namaste!


I am on a roll! Glad you enjoy.


By LLRogers --

Lyn in Oakland, CA

this is thrilling... wonderful... wow... more, more... Eat me... haha.. what an undivided Joy! Thanx for taking us with you on the ride

By Imayami

This is a awesome! Thanks for sharing

By David N

That's great! And funny! Lol

By ryan

Oh, what a thrillingly fierce poem! It sets me alight with a reckless enthusiasm for annihilation! It has drawn me out from my quiet perch at the back of Wednesday’s cyber-space classroom to say: Hello, friends of David. I’m here and so glad to be with you all on this fantastic adventure. Alas, I live in Australia and cannot come to the U.S., so must remain one of David’s Wednesday webcast devotees. It’s a comfort to read your blogs and comments, though. Love to you all.
Jan (‘Wandering dazed’ in Brisbane, Australia)

By janny --


Hello, Jan. I'm very pleased the poems are meaningful to you and others. They're gifts that come out of meditation and the sense of freedom I get from David's energy. Isn't it an amazing adventure we're having with him? So glad you commented.

Hugs across the water.

By LLRogers --

Lyn in Oakland, CA

Thank you "LL". Hugs, and all other gifts from across the water most gratefully received. Namaste!

By janny --