The Genesis of FriendsOfDavidSpero.org

In 2007, as some of you might remember, we raised some money to buy print advertising for David's mediation events in a progressive and spiritual minded publication called “Common Ground”. It was a fun project but the results were disappointing. It didn't seem to have generated much of an effect and and any effect it did have was very hard to measure.

In the summer of 2008 when David and Orley came back up to Northern California I wanted again to advertise David's events but didn't want to use print advertising. At the same time I noticed how Daivd's YouTube videos were attracting visitors from all around the world. These people were leaving interesting and very positive comments (and I have since met a few of these people at live events). As David and I were discussing advertising options our conversation steered towards web advertising and David, knowing I wanted to help promote his teaching work, suggested that I should create a website that would be a vehicle where we could promote his teaching in various ways and try to leverage all the benefits of the latest and greatest in web technology. I knew immediately that this opportunity was a dream come true, both as David's student and as a technologist.

Soon afterward David showed me an interesting site called Gurusfeet.com. Daivd was astounded by the sites' rich features and elegant design . Gurusfeet.com was built using a popular website building software called Drupal. This really excited me because my closest friend just happens to build web sites using Drupal. It didn't take long before we were designing FriendsOfDavidSpero.org and my dear friend was transforming our vision of a new community website into the site you see now.

Although FriendsOfDavidSpero.org is in it's infancy, I'm delighted in we have accomplished so far and are planning to add new and interesting features and offerings to all friends of David.

I hope you feel your own sense of ownership of this site and will enjoy adding your stories, comments and blog entries that will help make this site a success to inform and inspire other seekers of Truth.


Well i believe this is a great way of touching the world, do believe it will grow very fast into something very big......god for you paul you have really done what needs to be very fast...Gilles ps didnt forget to add an o

By gilles (not verified)

Phil Ringo
The website looks great, Paul.
Super job.

By philringo --

Phil Ringo