Bliss, Grace, Music & David Spero

This entry accounts for my experiences with David on July 7, 2010.

I had tuned into another of David's free weekly online satsang offerings on Wednesday evening, and once again enjoyed an incredibly blissful, spontaneous meditation full of Light and Freedom. No matter how active my mind may be at the commencement of these online gatherings, by the conclusion of the internet programs I invariably find myself coming back into my body-mind and experiencing a type of euphoric feeling I only really feel in David's company.

It's the spiritual event that happened later Wednesday night that prompted me to write this blog entry. Relating spiritual experiences is something about which I have historically remained quite reticent, as deeply personal spiritual events are quite difficult for me to share in a public forum. Further, merely trying to accurately annunciate and describe something of an infinite nature into verbal or written language is an exercise I usually avoid. Yet, so profound was my experience and so moving, I am compelled to record it here.

A few hours after last Wednesday's online satsang, I drifted off to sleep and soon found myself quite conscious in a lucid state. I was immediately aware of a sense of weightlessness, and discovered a great degree of both the normal, physical sensation of light, and also the supernal sort of Light, emanating from the tremendously-sized smiling face of David. David's beaming visage, which appeared quite opaque yet extremely ecstatic, hovered quite close to the presence of a certain B-list Hollywood actor, and my own bodily presence, and the three of us seemed to be both floating in a universe of stars and in a nature setting somehow at the same time. The following is what I cognized in the midst of this lucid affair, even while I was actually experiencing it.

I became aware that this actor was comparing two "parallel universes" of himself ... one which had brought him into David's satsang, and he was quite radiating with gratitude at his recognition of that priceless blessing. That universe was very bright, very beaming, very Real. The other universe was ... of nothing particularly special. The actor had "chosen" the universe in relationship to David, and was completely in a state of rapture and grace; it was very obvious. What blew me away about this whole scene is that there was this music playing that seemed to be generated within and emanated from the relationship between this awakening actor and David. It was a tremendously beautiful, tear-invoking sound ... but it was also the vibration of this transmission, felt throughout my body, that was just out of this world. At the time, I found myself thinking it reminded me of music created by Venetian Baroque composer Tomaso Albinoni (don't ask me why), and so I shall have to go through his works and see what I can dig up.

At any rate, my presence in this scene seemed to me to be of an instructional role, as I felt David was showing me how true music is generated ... from this grace, from this Divine Relationship. This went on for about 20 to 30 seconds (from what I can tell), before the sequence passed from my lucid awareness.

What has kept me speechless for the last couple of days is the intensity of this experience. There was simply so much shakti and just true love in this experience that even trying to think mentally about it, discerning its meaning was extremely elusive. Interestingly, though, there was no felt fear of forgetting the lucid encounter, as happen so often with my other lucid dreams.

The other aspect that was overwhelmingly and resounding clear was the degree of soul and music instruction I experienced in that 30 seconds of lucid bliss. I was quite aware I was being taught on the deepest level possible, and this level of instruction was nothing short of avataric. I have been spiritually motivated for the past 20 years, eventually bringing me to the feet of a few of the world's great avatars, and this experience was similar in impact upon me, with at least as much, if not more, of the same sensation of having been blessed by the Divine.

The sensation of the divine instruction, seemingly manifesting in my dreamlike body, was so palpable, the radiation of David's bliss coupled with the incredible music of this transmission ... I can only bluntly and brutishly point towards it with a few paltry words. For me, a musician at heart, to have experienced something of this nature, is cosmically priceless, and was also extremely healing, as I had begun to lose motivation in music in general for its lack of real spiritual power, or presence.

In this sequence, David seemed to wordlessly convey to me, a multi-tiered divine instruction of the blessing-in-itself and nature of the Divine Relationship, the actual functioning of enlightenment, the application of the avatar function, and the demonstration of real music created from "Light"/"Love" itself ... all in about 30 seconds of lucid dreaming. It's as if David innately knew how to best communicate with me, instruct me, at my deepest, non-verbal, non-mental, level and effortlessly blessed me with this darshan. I even remember thinking, during the experience, that with such Divine Relationship, any concern or thought about "enlightenment" would have been profoundly foolish. I seemed to realize that it's really all about Divine Relationship, not about enlightenment at all. I seemed to realize that enlightenment is nothing without Divine Relationship.

I think this is all I have to say about this. It was a monumental effort, for some reason, to be able to package this experience in my mind to write it here; I'm not sure why. But I am extremely grateful for David's continuing availability and regard, and awed by the divinity of the experience I was blessed with last Wednesday night.


I was taken aback by the strange, original, compelling beauty of this. Before you mentioned Albinoni I thought of Bach. I really like what you said about being in Divine Relationship vs. seeking after enlightenment. That will stick with me. Thank you for your effort and willingness to somehow put this into words.

By Rick

This is one of the most profound writings I've ever read because it demonstrates the true depth of what a living Avatar is able to impart to anyone who is open.

By Abha --