Has this ever happened to you?

Last night's (Wednesday Jan 20, 2010) online meditation with David was, as always, extremely powerful and blissful. I quickly dropped into a deep mediation to the point that I was "barely aware" that I was "barley aware".

Towards the end of the event I was a "goner". Around 8:07 PM I came out of meditation to see that the event was over! It was as if I was in a room full of mediators and everyone got up and left me still sitting on the floor only to "wake up" to an empty room.

My first thought was, "Where did everybody go?" Then, "What time is it?" Then, "Wow, I was off the planet."

Today I feel residual Bliss waves going though my mind and body. We must be the luckiest people on Earth to be able to enjoy this kind of Grace.

Thank you David.



Dear Paul,

You were there on Saturday when I was discussing my own experience of exactly this with David. When the attention becomes deeply dissolved and fully absorbed in its own transparency, there is no trace of object, quality, mental field or even of time left to know. lt is like missing time. Consciousness with no object to reflect upon has no way to know that it exists. One cannot even call this consciousness in any normal sense, just pure being. I believe this to be the purest and most absorbed experience of the Absolute that is possible, although I may be wrong. This is highly prized by Theravada yogis, and took me15 years of very serious practice to be able to access "on my own" although one of my previous teachers, Taungpulu Sayadaw (an old Burmese monk), did help inwardly in much the same way David helps us. Theravada calls this phala-samapatti (fruition attaiment, that is to say fruition of the path) when consciousness is said to merge into the Unconditioned element and experience the end of suffering, the third noble truth. Do you agree that this was your experience? What does Vedanta call this? Nirvakalpa Samadhi?

How lucky are we that David's company makes such exalted attainments so easy!

I rejoice with you. Long may you be happy, and long may you enjoy your happiness!


By TF (not verified)

Well I don't think it was Nirvakalpa Samadhi. I heard when one comes back from Nirvakalpa Samadhi there really is no doubt about what happened (or what stopped happening I guess would be more accurate).

I think it was just an abiding in deep meditation where my sense of self was reduced to a subtle feeling.

By paul

I'm not sure if phala is the same thing as nirvakalpa samadhi, so I won't address that. As far as phala goes it is possible to have the experience and not know what it is. Yogis sometimes go to their teachers with puzzlement: "I had the oddest experience..." But more often it is followed by extraordinary bliss on the first occurence. However, if there was some subtle experience and experiencer going on such as the subtle feeling you mentionned, then this would not be phala. Was there a subtle object with subtle knowing, and a subtle knower? TF

By TF (not verified)

It happend to me with David, and also with certain kinds of meditations.
It feels like deep sleep with a little awareness, where the mind forgets about itself.
I remember it as a very pleseant unworldly experience.

We are all blessed. The possibility is open for everyone, but we are the luckiest to appereciate it.

By ocean