Gifts of Om and Amrita

The second time I visited San Francisco to meditate with David I had a couple of very interesting experiences. There was the usual light, bliss, Kundalini and deep stillness, but I also started to hear a hum that I have heard occasionally before and have always recognized as the universal Om. I used to hear this once in a while during my years of meditation when I visited places of power or had a strong spiritual experience, but in Larkspur with David it turned on louder than ever and did not stop. The sound lessens occasionally and does dissipate completely at times, but it comes back with a roar when I mediate with Dave online, watch his videos, or just maintain a clear and clean consciousness. It has been a month since the seminar and the Om is still humming away! The sound is like aural breadcrumbs that lead me back to the origin of everything, and focusing on the sound takes me into happiness and mediation.

The second interesting experience was the taste of Amrita or Soma. I have heard and read about the magical elixir and one of the students in the Larkspur session (Mark) mentioned he tasted it in the back of his mouth. I was also experiencing this unique taste that is like a light after taste of honey, but did not associate it as Amrita until David responded to Mark’s statement that he was indeed tasting Soma. This taste is similar to the Om sound in that is has not subsided and it seems like it is being produced by my body and I can taste it via the roof of my mouth very frequently, like at this very moment...since there was just on online mediation with David it is pretty heavy, as is the Om. These gifts are the things I read about in spiritual scriptures, but here they are happening to me in 2014. What a blessing and a gift to have these experiences!

Namaste David! Namaste!!!


Loved reading about your experiences. My first time meeting David face to face in Sedona, I remember him asking me to talk about what I was experiencing. My answer was...."everything is humming." So I can really relate. Sometimes on the webcasts I get blasted with this clean crisp light....this seems to kick the hum up to a razor sharp level. Thanks for sharing and being a part of all "this". Namaste!


Yes it is pretty amazing...every encounter with David...

And this humming just keeps going along :-) Definitely increases after the web casts and in person...today it is buzzing pretty good :-)

By pbroome

Thank you for your comments! Just as I was reading it I tasted this sweet taste too and you describe it nicely as light after taste of honey. I taste it quite often too. Like as if grapes were pressed and sweet juice was pouring. I was wondering if this is Amrita. Hmm Thank you David and Love to All Namaste!

By Amina

Sounds like we are having the same taste :-)

It is strong today after the webcast last night...pretty amazing stuff!!! We are incredibly fortunate!!!

By pbroome