Avatāra, Avatāra

Avatāra, Avatāra ~
as I lean towards the sun I lean to you.
The outpouring of your Heart echoes in all others,
as everything returns Home in You.

I was lost as nothing, I was lost as everything
but in Your Heart, Shining One; Beautiful Love
I come to rest

Avatāra Avatāra
Let all tears fall – they are yours
Let all pain roll – it is yours
Let all gladness shine – it is yours

The dance belongs to you
as it goes on and on in eternity
close in intimacy
all is held in Your Love-grip

Avatāra, Avatāra
We never left Home
You are our reminder of this;
We look to You, and find ourselves found
At Home ~ With You

Avatāra, Avatāra - You are the song I will always sing
And the "Thank You" in me is You


Very beautiful, Thank you!!!


So beautiful!

By David N