More, please

Dear Friends, Our “meditating with David” project is gathering momentum. I want to refresh my original offer slightly. The idea is to collect your stories about the effect of David’s teaching percolating through your body/mind, with little bios of your history to set the context. Your powerful narratives are a strong way we can share this grace we experience. If you’re more comfortable using a pseudonym for the published version, that’s fine. Just let me know.

If you prefer to write your story rather than be interviewed, here are some questions that may help:

1. Where do you live? (country, please; state and city if you’re okay with sharing)
2. Brief sketch of family background
3. Brief sketch of employment history
4. What drew you to meditation?
5. What practices have you followed?
6. What were the results of these practices on your spiritual growth?
7. How and when did you find David?
8. Have you ever met him in person?
9. How have his teachings impacted you?
10. Are changes in your awareness/behavior felt or commented on by people around you?

If you have other questions, feel free to contact me through livelywriting.com/contact. I can talk via phone, video Skype or Google Hangouts, or email. If you’ve been thinking about joining this project but teetering on the edge, call me for a push. :) 

A huge “thank you” to those who have sent me stories or expressed their intention to do so.



Lynette, I plan on participating with this but I am still in contemplation mode. Your outline is very helpful. You are wonderful for doing this and it was such a pleasure meeting you in Sedona. Namaste! Lynn